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Stitched Elephant

I actually got this shirt for my little guy on clearance for a whole 88 cents!  I did not love the color however and wanted to do something to it.  I decided to do some embroidery and then found this cute elephant.  Voila-la, I like it so much better now!

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Clear Necklace

I have made a couple of different necklaces out of clear beads and I love wearing them.  They go with almost everything and I like the larger baubles, the effect is nice.  I always get compliments when I wear them.  Fun!

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Wedding Updo #2

I did another trial run for the wedding that I’m doing hair for at the end of December.  This is really easy and the construction is much quicker than what I had done before.  I first set the hair with hot rollers and after taking them out and took all of the hair behind the [...]

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Stripped necktie

I was able to find some silk tie scraps on etsy and couldn’t resist!  I wanted to make a tie out of them for my little guy but had no idea how to go about it.  I looked around and found quite a few pictures of different ones others have made, so I just cut [...]

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Knitted washcloths

I recently took up yet another hobby, knitting!  Like I really needed to add anything to my list!  I’m loving knitting and do find it very relaxing.  It is perfect for all of our traveling and is compact and easy to do in the car!  I’m lucky that I my cousin is an avid knitter [...]

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Ribbon Flower Pin

So I couldn’t help from seeing all of the wonderful flower pins people have been making and had to make some myself.  I made some different versions, but this one was I just made out of ribbon and hand sewed it together while wrapping the ribbon around on its self.  A cute little button finished [...]

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Sewing Kit

I recently got some really cute fat quarters and didn’t know what I wanted to do with them.  I haven’t been sewing as much lately and feel out of the flow!  I have also been loving the ruffle trend in everything, so I added some ruffles to the front of the bag.  I’m using this [...]

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