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Snugglie Blanket

I finally finished a sewing project for myself!  Well, it is actaully for Jonah, but it still counts!  It wasn’t rocket science sewing this blanket, I literally slapped two pieces of fabric together and sewed around three and a half sides, turned inside out and hand sewed the opening.  I did want to top stitch [...]

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Yellow Quilt

I made a quilt, this one in yellow.  It was for my cousin Sarah and her third baby!  She is due any day and I’m so excited for her.  This quilt went together pretty quickly and what helped is that I bought pre-cut squares of fabric from a seller on etsy.  So, when I got [...]

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Ribbon Blankie

I made this ribbon blankie to match a quilt that you all will be seeing soon.  I have yet to make one for Jonah!  I can’t wait to get a chunk of time to make some of the projects that are swimming around in my head!  I also can’t wait to get a new sewing [...]

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