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Button button

This is just a little pouch that I made for my sister-in-law to help organize her baby bag.  I made a few others for her too, all different sizes and shapes.  She has twin boys that are almost a year and a half.  I made this out of scraps.  It is always nice to find [...]

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Scarf Shirt

Next summer I’m making this shirt.  It is being sold by Tangent on etsy.  I’m a copy cat.  I can’t help it, I love to make things myself!  This seems easy and  I think that it is super cute.  It is made from two scarves and the back is different from the front.  I’ll let [...]

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Diaper bag #2

Okay, yet another diaper bag that I found that I like.  This one seems more functional.  I do like the pattern and I also like that there is a strap that can be worn cross-body.  Decisions, decisions!

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My good friends threw a baby shower for me last weekend.  I really appreciated it and had a great time.  Go figure that Amy, the one who hosted the party at her house, when into labor early the next morning, 3 weeks early!  I really hope I was not the cause of it, but she [...]

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Elephant Collage

I made a post about a collage awhile back.  It had butterflies all over it.  I searched around and found this cute elephant craft punch.  I also bought a flying bird too.  Both were from the Martha Stewart collection.  I gave this to Amy when I went to visit her and her new baby girl [...]

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So, yes I’ve made myself a diaper bag already, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at others.  Well, I think that I must have this one!  I like that it is leather and is basically a diaper bag incognito!  It is actually lower in price than a few others that I have liked.  Still, [...]

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Art work?

I’ve had this canvas that I painted in January.  It was susposed to be a combined piece of art that my husband and I were going to do together.  I was to paint the entire canvas and he was going to come back in and draw doves flying and paint them white.  Well, after waiting [...]

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Scrunch Spray

I always like to share when I find products that I really like.  I bought this hair spray after running out of my Bumble and Bumble Classic hairspray.  After no longer working at a salon and getting a discount on salon products, there are a few that I will buy from the drugstore.  This was [...]

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Boy, oh boy

And, another onesie that I have made recently.  Cute and simple.  I’m either making or purchasing all onesies or jumper outfits, and don’t have hardly any pants.  I’ll have to work on that!

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One pretty thing

So, I came across an awesome website today and I’m way excited about it.  I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before considering I spend hours on the net looking a other people’s blogs and tutorials.  It will probably be one of my new favorites!  Check it out at:  I found it on, [...]

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