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My own diaper bag

Sewing makes me happy.  I wanted to make myself a diaper bag, but just couldn’t find fabric that I really liked, until I came across this apple pattern.  It is actually a place mat.  I only bought 2, and I really wish I would of bought more.  Now, when returning to the store, I don’t [...]

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Burp Cloths

I made a whole pile of burp cloths for myself and for a few friends.  They were very simple.  I used three different patterns of flannel, sewing a different front and back together.  I decided to machine quilt all of them, but that is what was most time consuming!  Hopefully they will be useful and [...]

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Just fun!

Oh, if I wasn’t pregnant.  I really like this shirt, which is from a online store I really like called b&lu.  It is a plus sized store with clothing that is actually fun and modern.  It is always hard as a plus sized gal to find clothing that is in style.  I keep seeing a [...]

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A is for Apple

I’m starting a collection of different onesies possibly to sell on etsy.  I’ve been toying with the idea of having my own store for a while and have had a hard time deciding what I would like to have on it.  I’m experimenting with different transfers and makers and felt.  Of course I’m making some [...]

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A Baby Quilt for Amy

This is a baby quilt that I gave to my friend Amy this weekend at her baby shower.  I made it all out of scraps except for the backing and the brown material.  It came together very quickly and was easy.  I didn’t have a design in mind, I just started sewing the squares together [...]

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Tano Boogie Bucket Bag

Okay, I love leather handbags!  I think this one would be perfect as my next “investment” purse.  I have the idea that buying a handbag of quality and with classic styling will prevent me of buying every cheap purse I find cute.  Then, I will also use that purse over and over again.  This hobo [...]

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I made this canvas bag today to help hold some of the baby items I’m already getting and have just been piling up in the corner.  I plan on having it hold toys in the future.  Before starting this, I thought it would be super easy and fast, boy was I wrong.  Make a cylinder, [...]

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Blue and Green handbag

This is a handbag that I made a couple of months ago.  I haven’t been making handbags lately, but I have been sewing a lot!  I’m working on a ton of Christmas gifts and baby gifts for all of my friends that are pregnant.  So, since I can’t post those projects and ruin the surprise [...]

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El Naturalista Boots

El Naturalista Elfos N580.  I want them!  If I still worked in the salon, I would have no problem ordering them right now!  But, now I’ll have to wait for a special occasion like my birthday in December.  I think they are definitely worth the wait!  I actually looked at them last year, but asked [...]

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Fabric Markers

I decided to experiment with fabric markers that I purchased recently.  So far, they have been fun!  I only bought 6 primary colors and now I want to go back for more!  They are FabricMate superfine markers and say they are permanent after drying for 24 hours.  No instructions came in the package, so I [...]

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