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Are you scared of shine serum or spray?

Shine serum can be intimidating to some, and it shouldn’t be!  It can really add a lot of shine that gives a nice finish to the hair.  It can mask dry, dead ends and help with frizz.  Start with a small amount, more can always be added!  Apply to the ends first, working up to [...]

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Polka dot Handbag

Just another handbag.  I made this out of cloth napkins that I bought from World Cost Market.  I’m a sucker for polka dots!  I was trying a new shape.  I like patterned fabric and bright colors, but I also wear a lot of colorful clothing, so I feel like a patterned handbag would clash with [...]

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Dry hair???

Since I’m also a hair stylist, I thought I’d write a few hair tips once in awhile.  For those of you that have curly, processed or just a naturally dry texture, I have some helpful tips to restore some moisture.
First, do not shampoo every day!!!!  Shampoo every other day or less (maybe twice  week) if [...]

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Magnetic snap closure

This sewing project I learned how to do a magnetic snap.  Easy!  I bought a package of snaps from JoAnn fabrics, and they did not come with instructions.  So, once again I did online research and found a tutorial.  I also used jute webbing for the handles.  This is some of my favorite fabric, so [...]

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Matching Clutch

I made a matching clutch to Hannah’s purse with left over fabric.  It was super simple and really easy.  I only learned how to do linning earlier this year and I’m glad that I spent a few frustrating hours learning.  Now, I do have to admit that each time I go to do it, I [...]

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Bend the Rules Sewing project

For Christmas I received Amy Carol’s awesome book Bend the Rules Sewing.  Oh, man I wanted to make everything, but had to decide where to start.  As I stated previously, I have never really followed a pattern, but Amy Carol’s pictures and descriptions made me hopeful.  I also scower numerious blogs for tutorials to help [...]

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First of Many

I, Jenny Hirschy, am a craftaholic.  I have always liked making things.  I love to look at something and think of how it is made.  I probably got it from my mother, who had to be creative on a limited budget while I was growing up.  After quitting my job (as a cosmetologist) earlier this [...]

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