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Wedding Updo

This is a practice updo for a wedding that I’m doing at the end of December.  I like the way that it turned out, but we decided to do something totally different and will be doing another trial run.  I think it is always good to do an extensive consultation and practice updo for weddings.  [...]

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Avocado Hair Mask

Summer is here and coming soon is the heat!  Hair suffers during the winter and the summer months from dryness, heat and sun.  Can we combat this, yes we can!  This is a simple hair mask that is awesome!  Very easy, cheap and it makes me want to make guacamole too!
Shiny Soft Hair Treatment
In a [...]

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Half Updo

Check out this website link for some easy up dos to do on yourself.  It is a great resource!
I watch Chelsea Lately on E! almost every night.  It always makes me laugh and I love Chelsey’s personality.  Chelsea’s stylist does a great job of styling her hair and I’ve noticed that she wears this half [...]

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Scrunch Spray

I always like to share when I find products that I really like.  I bought this hair spray after running out of my Bumble and Bumble Classic hairspray.  After no longer working at a salon and getting a discount on salon products, there are a few that I will buy from the drugstore.  This was [...]

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If I could, I would!

Short hairstyles are in.  If I could, I would!  I have loved this cut for over a year, but don’t have the guts to have it myself.  It is very similar to Rihanna’s cut, and a variation of Victoria Beckham’s new pixie.  Short cuts are sexy and can be very easy to style and take [...]

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Dress it up!

You don’t need a special occasion to dress up your outfit with a hair accessory.  Hair accessories can transform long or short hair into an elegant or fun style.  There is a wide variety to choose from that can give you a unique stamp and set you apart!  You can choose a simple head band [...]

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Are you scared of shine serum or spray?

Shine serum can be intimidating to some, and it shouldn’t be!  It can really add a lot of shine that gives a nice finish to the hair.  It can mask dry, dead ends and help with frizz.  Start with a small amount, more can always be added!  Apply to the ends first, working up to [...]

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Dry hair???

Since I’m also a hair stylist, I thought I’d write a few hair tips once in awhile.  For those of you that have curly, processed or just a naturally dry texture, I have some helpful tips to restore some moisture.
First, do not shampoo every day!!!!  Shampoo every other day or less (maybe twice  week) if [...]

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