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Slim Clutch

This clutch reminds me of an envelope.  It is slim and would be great for coupons or just a cell phone and keys.  I made the interior out of a bright yellow fabric and sewed a couple of pockets.  It has a magnet closure.  I would like to show some tutorials of my projects, but [...]

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Wedding Updo #2

I did another trial run for the wedding that I’m doing hair for at the end of December.  This is really easy and the construction is much quicker than what I had done before.  I first set the hair with hot rollers and after taking them out and took all of the hair behind the [...]

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Oh so Random

Random, I know!  I’ve got five projects going on right now.  I’m not usually one to have multiple projects going on at one time, but now with a baby I have very limited time compared with before.  When I can have just a few minutes I’m like a crazy woman trying to get in as [...]

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My awesome husband made this crib for our little guy.  I think he did an excellent job.  I fell in love with the Oeuf classic crib at $890, which was not within our budget.  So, my husband who has always been able to look at things made up his own plans.  It must be his [...]

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My New Addition

I haven’t made a post lately because I was busy producing something else-my new baby boy.  Jonah was born on December 10th and is now a week old.  Already!  I hope I can post somethings again soon, but being a mom is what is most important right now.  So, stay tuned, there will be more [...]

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Fall is here

Fall is here, but almost over.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, but I wish it would last a little longer before winter creeps in!  The color of the trees turning, rustling of the leaves when they fall and the start of wearing sweaters are all things that come to mind [...]

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Yellow Lillies

I like having flowers at home.  I don’t buy them every week, but would like to!  My husband really likes having something living and colorful at home.  Research conducted by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, revels that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and [...]

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I consider myself pretty lucky!  I am able to have my sewing desk out all of the time, ready for me when I go craft crazy.  However, all of my fabric and supplies have been stacked in plastic storage containers on the floor making it hard to find anything!  No matter how hard I tried [...]

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One pretty thing

So, I came across an awesome website today and I’m way excited about it.  I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before considering I spend hours on the net looking a other people’s blogs and tutorials.  It will probably be one of my new favorites!  Check it out at:  I found it on, [...]

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First of Many

I, Jenny Hirschy, am a craftaholic.  I have always liked making things.  I love to look at something and think of how it is made.  I probably got it from my mother, who had to be creative on a limited budget while I was growing up.  After quitting my job (as a cosmetologist) earlier this [...]

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