Slim Clutch

This clutch reminds me of an envelope.  It is slim and would be great for coupons or just a cell phone and keys.  I made the interior out of a bright yellow fabric and sewed a couple of pockets.  It has a magnet closure.  I would like to show some tutorials of my projects, but when I finally get time to sew, I’m going as quick as I can.  I should take the time to document my steps!

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Baby Quilt

I made this plush quilt for my cousin and I loved the fabric.  I used chocolate colored minky fabric for the back and did a simple top of strips of cotton sewn together for a striped effect.  I think any more baby blankets I make I will be using minky for the back.  My little one loves to cuddle with his blanket!

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Ruffle Clutch

I made this ruffled clutch a few months ago, but I still haven’t  completely finished it yet.  We just moved and I don’t have my sewing machine and all of my supplies unpacked and organized yet.  I am looking forward to reorganizing everything.  I think that I need to finish all of my projects that are started before starting anything else.  I have really been in the mood to sew, so hopefully I will get it done soon!

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Scarf of ties

I found a seller on etsy that had silk necktie scraps and couldn’t resist!  Along with making my little man a tie to wear, I wanted to make something for my hubby.  This scarf was a Christmas present.  I don’t know if he will ever wear it.  It is a little flashy for his taste, but maybe I’ll have to give it a try.

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More Pillows

These are just a few more pillows that I have made recently.  My sewing streak has came to an end.  Life.  Busy.  Missing it.  I can’t wait until my next sewing spree and will be planning everything I have to make.  Yes, have to make.  Some things are like that for me, I can’t pass it by!  As you can tell from the pic, I’m really into ruffles right now.  Good thing they are in style!  Hopefully they won’t be out for awhile!

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Felt Poinsettia

I made this felt poinsettia to wear over Christmas.  I like working with felt and it is a versatile medium.  I made five flower shapes, keeping the sizes just a little bigger from the previous and two leaves.  I attached them altogether in the center then hand sewed the silver beads.  I didn’t have time to actually sew on a pin on the back so I used a large safety pin.  It was my pop of color to my black dress for the holidays!

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I finally followed a pattern!  Let me say that if I had not been sewing for a couple of years now and sewed handbags, I don’t think I could of figured out the pattern on my own.  So, I need to follow another pattern and keep trying!  I have never sewn a clutch or handbag in this shape before and I really like it.  I used a cloth napkin and a placemat for the fabric!  I also want to enlarge the pattern for a over sized clutch.

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Snuggle blanket

Super easy and super fun blanket for kiddos!  What it takes: half a yard of fun fabric for the front.  I used cotton, but flannel is another great option.  Second, half a yard of minky fabric, or flannel.  I love how plush minky fabric is for little ones.  All that has to be done is sew right sides together, leaving a 4 inch gap to turn right sides out.  Hand sew gap closed.  You can be done at this step if you want or you can machine stitch around the sides.  Easy!  I love seeing my little one rub his blanket to his face!  He loves his blanket!

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Hanging Mail Organizer

I really need to start making patterns of what I make so when I want to make it again I know where to start!  I make this mistake all of the time.  I should at least write down the dimensions for cutting the fabric out!  I’m super happy with the way this organizer turned out and now want to make more!  It has a large pocket for magazines and two smaller pockets for mail or keys or a phone.  It hangs right on the door handle!

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Hanging Photo Blocks

After finding some cool blocks on etsy, I decided to order them and put photos on for some artwork.  It was great because they came with holes in the back already to hang.  I cut and glued the photos on and then started putting thin layers of diamond glaze.  I have never used diamond glaze before and was having issues with bubbles.  I tried popping them and using a blow dryer on low and nothing seemed to work.  Finally I stated layering on regular mod podge and it helped!  Still a few bubbles, but not bad.  I gave these to my husband for Christmas and made a set for my brother.  Hopefully I am able to use my huge bottle of diamond glaze on some other project in the future.

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